PhD students:
Elena Ceballos-Romero (University of Seville) working on isotope-based estimates of carbon export
Renata Stella Khouri working on detecting regime shifts in phytoplankton time series data
Stephanie Allen working on variability and trends in sub-Arctic phytplankton populations
Matthew Hammond working on space-time modelling of chlorophyll data
Aikaterina Giamalaki working on detecting abrupt shifts in phytoplankton time series
Chelsey Baker working on spatial variability in particle fluxes

Past members:
Dr Fred Le Moigne (post-doc), now at GEOMAR, Kiel

Past visiting scientists:
Dr Helene Frigstad (Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Norway)
Dr Bolatito Ikenweiwe (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria)

Graduated students:
Dr Anna Belcher (PhD), now at British Antarctic Survey
Dr Anna Rumyantseva (PhD), now Data Scientist at Pentaho, London
Dr Andrew Gravelle (PhD)
Dr Jason Hopkins (PhD), now at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Dr Hayley Evers-King (PhD, University of Cape Town), now at Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Dr Gayatri Dudeja (PhD)
Dr Harriet Cole (PhD), now at Marine Scotland
Katy Ambery (MSc)
Violetta Paba (MOcean)
Joey McNorton (MSc)
Danielle Waters (MOcean)
Zoe Morrall (MRes)
Maya Gill-Taylor (MSc)
Jennifer Jardine (MOcean)
Lindan Zhang (MRes)
Chelsey Baker (MSc)
Aikaterina Giamalaki (MER)
Roseanne Bol (MER)